Yuya dating

Our story begins in Paradise City stationed in the Pendulum Dimension, renamed so because of everyone gaining the power of Pendulum Summoning.Roughly three years have passed since Yuya Sakaki was able to purify Zarc's evil soul and brought an end to the hostility between dimensions.The others glanced to one another before letting out a group sigh, catching Yuya's attention."Hmm? I thought you might've been thinking about where you were taking Yuzu for your next date." Ayu said. Lately, we've been getting worried that you and Yuzu are growing apart." Futoshi said. With a scoff, he suddenly stood up with fist firmly clasped."Are you kidding me?! " The kids looked to each other as Yuya looked up towards the roof overhead."I mean…. I mean…means so much to me…." he said, slowly drifting out of reality as he began thinking about the past dates he went on with Yuzu following her return to Paradise City.Yuya turned to her before his eyes suddenly widened."W-Wait. As memories of their happiness flooded his head, it eventually came back to the day Yuya first popped the question to her.Yugo had seen them his entire life, strange shadows that weren't cast by the sun, as if they had a mind of their own.

Yuzu and Serena deal with trying to plan their wedding one step at a time, Rin and Yugo try to work things out with their life while putting together the broken pieces.To the people of Paradise City, Yuya is now looked upon as a hero and is continuing his training to become a Entertainment Duelist worthy of surpassing his father, Yusho Sakaki.But inbetween training, he is the happy and estatic boyfriend to his childhood friend, Yuzu Hiragi. The kids gathered around him, each taking one of the vacant seats besides him."Not much. Yuya looked back down at his scattered cards before picking up Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.It is late one evening in the city as Yuya is waiting underneath a street light not far from his house.Wearing a coat over his shirt, he glances at a watch around his wrist before he suddenly noticed Yuzu approaching him from up the street, wearing her jacket as well.

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