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The ba J w" given to Co-Lln with a firat down on Sunflower's one yard line. haa pf ten off with a good Mart l U offlce-T atb wor Wng hard and a great inifrew has been man Uested in its ac U-i'le* There have been several Kueal speakers on the programs. Dis- putes between capital and labor ends in human death. "Why, that's an absurd question;" You shout, "of course we are for our football team:" Yes, I believe deep down in our hearts we are for the team. "Sure we do", you answer, "that's the purpose of group yelling at our game-s. There is a strong natural desire to fill this emptiness. She has a man at Ole Miss and State— We wonder which one is going to be late I Mary Oetherine Grisham (Lush lous-lips Knows how to talk and swing her h -s, She liges the men and the men like her OH BOY.' Now Saint and Nancy are quite a pair, What they havai't got just Isn't there. a paper here is the fact that the birth of the Sunflower Petals was due to a spontaneous movement from the student body end not to official Inaugura Uon. DUNCAN Allis-Cbalmers Farm Equipment INVERNESS, MISS. were back to enjoy the best game of the season or maybe I should say the best game of iiny season. Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2015 https://archive.org/details/sunflowerpetals1940sunf The Sunflower Petals PUBLISHED IN THE INTEREST OF THE STUDENTS OF SUNFLOWER AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL AND JUNIOR COLLEGE VOLUME IX MOORHEAD, MISSISSIPPI. L*nt bounced crazlly to one side tou«---c gotten Uils campaign. We art conditions in the home which serious, with one out of six marriages ending in divorce. — Robert Harvey — — 0 GROUP CHEERING Are we for or football team? Do we let them know that we are behind them 100 percent? For "By his associates is a person known." Here, many of you are for the first time separated to some great extent from home ties. Probably the greatest argument that can be brought forward In de- ,fense of havin? She arrived from New Orleans Friday evening by bus. Old Mattresses Renovated Clements Mattress 1106 Nelson St end. To suspend cables to entangle o enemy planes KEY TO QUIZ 1. The Co-Lln team came back Itght- ing mad and after being 8topr*fl and held inside their ten yard rr,,ir- Iter after receiving the kickoff, Hbr. Marie Clark and George Coons are still going strong. And while we're mentioning D S, T, C, we might also add that Walter Mar- tin and Lyle Bullard were here. The game attracted our old stu- dents from State, too. Com- binations of brown and yellow as well as red and black ere good to- gether.

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Fiom 9 o'clock on the dance or- chwstra, front-man. Thl.i croup is bigger (and better) than ever and has been working long hours to fill this evening with the best of the sweet and the hot from the old and the new. A three power part of political economic and military cooperation against the United States was signed by - - ? Apple- white, There are approximately sixty members In the Choir which meets every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to practice the various 'on ES that they are learning. .r,,l , -Hid and in'ef Prt l'; , be even brt«" I U" PAGE TWO THE SUNFLOWER PETALS FRIDAY. Gumbo ; 1, , Feature Editors Vagm.a Clark Mary Stuard Nichols. NO STRINGS By Harold Tnmage Why have a school paper? In reality any student here can an- swer that question— many better than I, This paper Is the public voice of you. Another reason is this: We of all the nations of the world at this moment are the only one with a free press. Some of the most exciting news In the fall fashion picture deals wit jewels, l-ear Ls are returning pnd heavy ornamental Jewelry has lost favor this season. The score* ot the games played thus fax are Inverness 13, 8.

Do you tl eii leave the crowd wlilch by now is in the grandstand where everyone may sit, for no distinction of better classes is made here (On the way High School Club News COMPLIMENTS PLANTERS BANK & TRUST CO. Last year she was vocal- ist with the college orchestra. She is an active mem- ■thelr feet or hats in the way, do not hesitate to tread on them. This will again leader oi tne Merely serve to put you before the also a member of the band.

Wl Utams and Holland- Other players are: Ellis, RImmer, Conger, Re Uers. Rimraer's mother with us last week [ friends with loud cries In order that BELZONI. .4* t I Dependable Service Sunflower Grocery Company DREW. After the game is started, though, everyone is sliouting and it would not be seemly for one, of your social posi- tion to participate In anything so vulgar as group shouting. She is a valuable member of the choii and is certainly to be consider- ed in connection with the Lee's girl vocal solo. Indianola Lumber Company Phone 140 wrappers and pi:anuts at you, but pay them no heed.

Last year he was a member of the Men's Council and a member of the Retro- spect staff.

Joe Is a very friendly per- son with blonde liair and blue eyes. As an athlete Joe ranks among the stars In tennis and track.

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