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All I remember hearing about Mamie when she did theater was that she liked to party and she showed up hung over the next day, or just slept through rehearsals. I love that Truman Capote quote about Meryl: "Oh God! She's now more successful than ever and dancing on their graves.

He had his five minutes of fame when he starred in Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson on off-broadway. Look for Grace Gummer's romance with Billy Crud to meet the same fate. What in the world does the youngest Gummer look like?

Walker did get good reviews for Andrew Jackson but the ones for CAT were rather tepid. Seemed like she could barely even bother to do the play. She probably could have made some good films in there instead of wasting the time on pregnancy.

And Mamie and Grace are homely, bland, barely there actors who only have careers because of their Mother. I'm surprised she didn't whip out a phone and start texting mid-show. Meryl had an eye on Liam Neeson in that 90s film they did together, but nothing apparently happened. She has a a good personality on talk shows and has really good fashion sense.

We know Benedict Cumberbach basically came inside three times just to have a scene with her in August: Osage County.

The only specific rumor I ever heard was Clint Eastwood in Bridges of Madison County. She seems like too much of an obsessive perfectionist to let affairs interfere with her work.

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