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Watching my young son have as a good time running around in Super Mario 64 as I did all those years ago almost brings a tear to the eye. But, I always asked myself why you didn't released it open source (for example GPL) long time ago, when the emulation of N64 was much more attractive. In general the 1.6 versions are better, specifically 1.6 has more emulation and game fixes.

There are features missing from 1.6 like centralized configuration in Project64.cfg, as well as texture loading capabilities in the graphics plugin which had debatable usefulness. I am currently using 1964 0.85 (with Pistol Grip's unofficial 0.85 exe) and also using your awesome 1.6.1 video plugin.

The 1.6.1 plugin can't be used with the 'enbseries dx8 to dx9 converter' as an error message box pops up as soon as Project64 tries to initialise the 1.6.1 plugin.

I tried the old Jabo 1.6.0 dx8 plugin and there was no error message box so must be a conflict with the 1.6.1 plugin.

And by that I can guess that it's complaining that Project64 isn't installed hence you can't install the MSP update package at all.

I haven't tried it out but: seems like an easy useful tool to extract the files if you are interested in simply unzipping it.

I was just lucky that I had a re-installation of Windows scheduled when I found these news of an update.

It makes things so much easier then with installation packages. Hi Jabo, I don't know if custom shader support is a waste of time or not as I have not been able to look into it much yet with N64 emulation.

For more information about this wonderful project visit the website.

I've made an update to the 1.6 release that includes bug fixes to the plugins.

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