Updating bdp s300

I plugged in the unit and switched the HDMI cable from my Denon DVD-3910 to the Sony and I was done. When you first start up, the player will take you through a number of questions including your display type (4:3 or 16:9) and the number of speakers you have in your system.

This will not only give you the normal DTS and Dolby Digital tracks, buy often the Blu-ray versions of movies will have increased fidelity on their encoded audio tracks.

As a reviewer, I'm not immune to the excitement and anticipation that goes hand in hand with the release of new technology.

Heck, since HD DVD and Blu-ray came out, I've been licking my lips just waiting to get my hands on a player for review.

The S300 seems to be put together very well with a nice heft that you won't be used to if you've picked up a DVD player recently.

The front of the unit has the normal compliment of controls including Play, Pause, Stop, and Skip Forward and Back.

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