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Frogs are important bio-monitors, and their state of health is a clear indicator of the health of the environment.A polluted environment is reflected in abnormalities and deformities in the amphibians.Our conservancy as tourist destination The Open House @ B61 Bed & Breakfast facilities and niceties: Property of two of our members, Ferdie and Charmaine Leygonie, situated on a beautiful farm overlooking both the Witwatersberg and the Magaliesberg mountain ranges.It offers peace and tranquility with rooms tastefully decorated and unobtrusive hospitality in a gracious, homely atmosphere.The main reason for our concern about water security is bad risk management, a lack of expertise, and infrastructure that is not maintained or regenerated.

Depending on weather conditions, groundwater is also replenished by leakages in municipal systems.South Africa is more vulnerable than many other countries with regard to climate change, as here, temperatures tend to soar at twice the speed as that of the rest of the world.While South Africans are boasting that we are in the 30th position on a list of 200 countries with the least water, we are actually in a precarious 15th place as far as guaranteed water delivery is concerned.Water Issues A weak La Niña is currently bringing South Africa some wet weather.However, according to prof Francois Engelbrecht (Climate change specialist at the CSIR), this is not solving our water problems yet.

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