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Again, the conniving Russian efforts to wage cyber warfare against the United States and to foul up American elections is the sort of electoral-sandbagging behavior typical of Russian.

Obama merely told Americans, in mid-December 2016, that he had asked Putin “to cut it out.” . The Obama administration did not try to cover up the fact that it tried its best to make Bibi Netanyahu and his conservative Likud Party lose the 2015 Israeli election. Obviously Obama did not wish to discuss with voters such an implicit understanding with Russia that in theory privileged his own political agendas over those of his country.

Iconic World War II battles, such as the horrific Kiev Pocket or the siege of Sebastopol, might have provided some context as to why Russia felt that Crimea and Ukraine resonated with the Russian people in way not fully understood in the United States.

The point is not advocacy of friendship or alliance with Putin’s Russia, and certainly not a renewal of the failed Obama-Clinton reset.

The point is not that “everyone does it,” but that we should have expected interference from any quarter (and prepared for it), in the same way that we ourselves seek to stealthily advance agendas we perceive as favorable in other countries. Such “collusion” is reminiscent of Senator Ted Kennedy’s infamous 1983 communications, via intermediary John Tunney, to Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov.

Obama himself in that infamous hot-mic episode with outgoing Russian president Medvedev whispered: On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space. In a Soviet memo, which surfaced only after the fall of the Soviet Union, the Russians claimed that Kennedy was dangling before them an “unabashed quid pro quo,” as Peter Robinson put it, writing for .

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