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Speed dating with vegans is like speed dating with any other singles.You’re only slightly more likely to warm to them or, should I say, you’re only slightly more predisposed to like them, because of their dietary choices.

They’re planning to host them every two months at the same venue.

‘We run so many successful food-related events such as our vegetarian and vegan cooking classes at L’atelier des Chefs, the shared experience and interaction really is a successful recipe for romance to blossom.’ After the event my mate and I stayed for some Tibits food*.

Michel and his pal sat next to us and we had a chat across the tables about travelling and theatre. We left after about 15 minutes, after we finished our food, and they stayed on without taking our numbers.

You enter ‘ticks’ online next to the names of any guys you fancied – and if they tick you too it’s a match.

But the concept is quite open and vague (veggie / vegan – that’s not really the same).

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