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On Monday, Candice will make her triumphal return to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which has never happened in Shanghai before.The trilingual model took last year's extravaganza off, having delivered her firstborn child - a son called Anacã - the month prior.

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Shop Bella’s Stuart Weitzman pair for yourself by clicking right.In de loop van de jaren zijn in Muziek&Liturgie, en voorheen in Organist&Eredienst, tal van muziekbijlagen verschenen. Kijk dan in het menu onder het kopje 'Index muziekbijlage.'.Models have flocked to Shanghai to walk the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show when it is held in the city on Monday.The pair were wrapped in matching flowery robes, and Josephine wrapped her arms affectionately about her colleague, the pair of them beaming for the camera. Lily herself, who posted the same photo with Josephine, also uploaded what appeared to be a selfie in which she pouted under evocative purple lighting.She had bundled up in a black turtlenecked sweater, loyally accenting the ensemble with a black and white Victoria Sport beanie.

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