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Because the more powerful Special Attacks rely on energy to be used, and as such you'll want to balance your Fast Attacks' damage with generating as much energy as possible, depending on how often you want to use your Special Attack.Since the most recent patch however, you'll essentially want to use Special Attacks as often as possible, so it's well worth keeping an eye on the Energy column as you way up your options here.We also explain the recent Gym rework, how to get Pok Coins, and details on Eevee evolutions.

Fast Attacks don't have any other resources which govern their use, so it's simply a case of finding out how many seconds it takes to complete the attack before you can immediately use it again.Note that these are continually updated by Niantic now - our tables below are up to date as of 19th May 2017.Below are the top 20 Fast Attacks in Pokmon Go: :: Pokmon Go Gen 3 Pokmon list: Creatures from Ruby and Sapphire's Hoenn region coming soon Deciding on the strongest, most efficient Special Attacks in Pokmon Go is no easy feat.As you look at your Pokmon's Special Attacks, you'll see that sometimes the blue Energy bar is a single, long strip, and sometimes it's split into several smaller bars.The full length of that meter is always 100 Energy, but the smaller bars mean that, for that particular move, you can use it whenever a single one of those smaller bars are filled.

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