Parents innfluence on dating ang dating daan debate 2016

Many will challenge authority at every opportunity, and the more a stepparent or new partner tries to serve as a parent, the more resistant children will be.

Ahrons says it is best for the new parent figure to serve as a friend rather than an authority figure.

Feature Article Arthur Schneider, Human Development Specialist, Cooper County, University of Missouri Extension According to researcher Constance Ahrons, who completed a 20-year study of children of divorce, about half of all American children will experience a parent’s remarriage before they reach age 18. Census Bureau, have only recently begun to recognize this trend.

Ahrons found that parent dating and remarriage has a significant impact on children. Ahrons suggests that this lag, which results in institutions considering only one type of family as normal, makes other forms seem deviant.

For example, one child in the study said he thought his mother was “behaving like a teenager.” Older children who have witnessed their parents’ bad marriages are more receptive to their parents’ new relationships.

Still, few teens accept a new partner as a parent figure.

Ahrons says that children who knew their new stepmothers well before remarriage were more accepting of the new relationships.

It is rarely easy for children to witness their parents dating.

Parents may enjoy the courtship process, but children may worry about how the process will change their lives.

Cohabitation and marriage A parent’s cohabitating with or marrying a new partner is a major adjustment for children of divorce.

The child’s opinion of the new relationship depends largely on the opinion of the other parent.

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