Pam dating michael jackson

Star Jones and Al Reynolds reach divorce settlement... Collegian James Franco hounded by Columbia coeds... New James Bond "Quantum of Solace" trailer premieres: "Lynne Spears recalls feeling 'shock and dismay' at seeing her daughter shave her head . (And if it were a minute longer, I'm very sure I couldn't sit through 69 with her.) "Pam Anderson strips down to bikini for Ellen." So Pam is one of those girls who always goes after the ones with the wedding rings. Jessica Simpson stumbling through a live performance is about the only hope it has of being entertaining.

I'm not sure I love the photo, flash really didn't flatter her in what was surely a darkened room.

It's kinda cute, and bet yer bippy that other celebs will follow her lead.

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Student Vesal Yazdi in the Columbia Spectator writes about "the type of ridiculous, squealing freshman girl" ogling James Franco.

Lincoln, she feels she's done a fabulous job as a Mom. "Jessica Simpson stumbles through live performance" -- Patsy Cline's getting her back for Opryland.

custody battles over her two children." -- Other than that, Mrs.

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