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"The final result was mind-blowing," director Nikiforov told With the emergence of AI-inspired film — we've seen it write screenplays and reconstruct cult classics — they wanted to tease the Internet-centric film with a style straight from their source material: Internet culture.

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It seemed to us that neural networks are one of the newest instruments for transforming an image into a new visual style, which means new emotions and experience for audience," the director said.

The one-minute teaser took 3,000 frames, uploaded and processed individually, and several days to set each frame's parameters to move seamlessly with its neighbor's.

Russia was Prisma's initial "pet market," Venture Beat reported, with even the Russian Prime Minister swiping to find the perfect filter for his 'gram.

Nikiforov says they're hoping to see AI and neural networks used in more in filmmaking, to uncover styles and visual storytelling not yet explored in cinema.

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