Mate 1 intimidate dating

Be careful not to use put downs to feel better about yourself. This goes for the little moments as well as the big ones.

Instead of looking to blame when there’s not enough gas left in the tank, give empathy.

If your spouse extends an overture after an argument, it is not wise to keep the argument going for days. After an argument they carry hard feelings and cannot even give a smile when their spouse reaches out and attempts to make things right.

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It isn’t just Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt who argue (the only difference is that when they argue paparazzi peddle photos to celebrity magazines); every marriage has its ups and downs.

Focus on the one you love and reach out to your partner, not just your friends.

A healthy relationship creates a life based on mutual trust.

Here are 10 habits every couple should integrate into their home in order to build a strong, happy and enduring marriage.

It’s easier to blame and put responsibility on your spouse than acknowledge that marriage is a partnership. A healthy marriage means we support one another-in both words and actions. When something goes wrong stop trying to figure out whose fault it is. Speak about solutions instead of looking to accuse.

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