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A section of political observers feel that the spectre of violence haunting the state capital in the last couple of years may have strong connections with power politics.

Noted political analyst NN Pearson told the that they had lost three men and scores injured in the political clashes since the Assembly polls.

The party is afraid of the BJP growth in the district, he added.“The CPM has been targeting us since the local body polls, in which we won 33 seats in the 100-member city corporation and became the main opposition. Many of our councillors, party offices and homes of party men were attacked.

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But the situation is fast changing with several other places emerging as hotspots of political violence in the last two years.

The state capital of Thiruvananthapuram is closely following Kannur if the recent incidents of violence involving the cadres of both the outfits are any indication.

While the political murders in Kannur are explained away as part of a long tradition of revenge killings, which have been glorified in local lore, the rationale behind the political rivalry in Thiruvananthapuram where the BJP won its first seat in the state legislature in its six-decades-old history in the 2016 elections, is still to be understood.

He alleged that BJP had launched the attacks to divert the attention of the media and the people from the scams, which have tarnished Narendra Modi government’s anti-corruption image.

Political observers like Pearson do not rule out the possibility since they feel that all political parties in the state were in mad race for power.

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