Ip address not updating

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. I am trying to transfer my domain registration to inmotion. I have an EPP code, but it appears the process has stalled.

I checked with the current host and the domain privacy has been disabled. Hello Ram, Thanks for pointing out the issue in the URL your provided.

Hello Dave, As per my earlier response, we have no way to correct an assigned name server if the domain was registered through a 3rd party (like Go Daddy).

If you're having problems with propagation of the name server, then you will need to contact the domain registrar where you registered the domain for further assistance. Hey Arnel...thanks but being new to inmotionhosting and setting stuff up like this in general...

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Please submit a ticket request to Live Support requesting a Namesrvers update.

They will email you back upon completion of your request.

The article was updated, but the category page (for DNS and Name server changes) had not been updated.

Please provide us a little more information on the issue and we would be happy to help. There is currently a known problem in AMP that is causing this problem.

They will either allow or deny your request for an additional IP address. You can go do a WHOIS at Go Daddy and you will see I have the nameservers listed correctly so what am I still missing?

Thanks Dave Hello Dave, The WHOIS lookup does indeed point to our nameservers for all three domains.

Ensure that the nameservers you are trying to set have been created.

If they have not, you can go here to do so." Once I click to proceed it redirect to a page that says "Oops...there was an error with your request". Hello Mat, Please try again as those are indeed the proper names to our name servers.

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