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(Note: slightly edited) Connie Franklin - Martin; Announcer: Harvey K-Tel - Thomas Guy introduces SCTV's consultant, and catches La Rue getting advice.Guy asks if there will be any hit shows this season.1982 Emmy nominations/award: Almost entirely repeats, with some new linking bits introducing the new format. Hugh Bowmont - Flaherty; Barbara Bilingslee - O'Hara; Tony Dowe - Levy; Gerry Matherrs - Candy; Eddy Haskell - Thomas; Whitey - Ramis; announcer - Thomas Disco sucks.The English for Beginners sketch is a re-recorded version of the Series 1 sketch (same dialog, but new set). Doug imitates two dogs fighting, a boat, seagulls Bob Mc Kenzie - Moranis; Doug Mc Kenzie - Thomas Dan has a big wallet and he knows how to use it.Instead, Mulciber foresees the destruction of television.

They used the fact that critics (Marvin Kitman in particular) panned this episode as fodder for a future show (show 5).

Syndication Note: The small linking segments were cut. DVD Note: The end credits music has been changed to the Ira Newborn Cycle 2 theme; the original had a recording of "Thanks for the Memories." Guy enters to fanfare, welcomes the new stations, explains the new expanded show ('Network / 90'), and introduces this evening's show of 'golden classics.' 'Sit back, shut up, and enjoy the show.' Guy Caballero - Flaherty; announcer - staff announcer First topic: authors, and Margaret jumps on the question before it is asked, several times. Dan Money - Flaherty; Funky Guy - Candy; Man with broken watch - Thomas; Judge - Levy; Jury - Ramis, extras; announcer - Candy Earl takes a behind the scenes look at Levon Helm.

Levon's running behind, has to do a soundcheck, and can't talk to Earl.

And of course, Johnny finally would get his crane shot (and later lose it...).

Also features an instalment of The Sammy Maudlin Show and the first Gerry Todd Show.

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