Dating festival

A revolution in the dating culture of the electronic world is underway and apps such as Mix’d, Glance and, can potentially end up being a key players in the developing generations' dating culture.It is also awesome to see a good idea come to life with paid respect to young entrepreneurialism.

If you don’t have shared experiences with your significant other, then what do you really have? You want to create cool, shared experiences, as opposed to, like, Tinder.

We all spend a lot time attending shows and festivals; sometimes we can label it as frequently attending.

So many of the generic dating apps such as, Tinder, do not place any emphasis on specific interests or lifestyles.

You don’t know anything about the person and the only reason you may have reached out to them is because you think they’re good looking.

Maybe you go on a date to some bar, but there really was no connection other than the fact that you thought they were attractive.” (I would have to say that I support his answer) Noah has since, self-funded the creation of his app.

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