Dating chinese ceramics

Recovery of cultural deposits has yielded food remains, medicinal vials, coins, gaming pieces, items of adornment, tobacco pipes, fragments of opium pipes and supporting paraphernalia, and an abundance of ceramic wares.Archeologists have classified these ceramics into the two categories: tablewares made of porcelain and porcelaneous stoneware; and storage vessels made of brown glazed stoneware.

The four patterns discussed here (Bamboo, Double Happiness, Winter Green, and Four Season Flower) represent the majority of Chinese-produced tablewares found at historic sites in North America.Li Bing Yin also showed me a sample of a Double Happiness bowl still in saggars, recovered from a waster pile from a kiln site in the region (Figure 5).Jingdezhen in northeast Jiangxi Province is renowned as the porcelain capital of China, producing ceramics for the Imperial Court (Map 4).Some porcelain manufacturers in Mainland China circumvented the embargo by shipping porcelain labeled as decorated in Hong Kong.These wares had designs completely different from those that came before.

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