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The court's ruling has made waves in France, where unlike 23 other countries in the European Union, there is no actual law banning spanking or other forms of corporal punishment.French law tolerates the “right of correction” of children by family members.Whatever your position on the effect on the child, I’d like you to take some time to think about the long-term effect on you, the parent.I don’t remember when I first spanked my daughter, but I definitely remember the justifications I told myself.

In my experience, most discussions of spanking are about the effect on the child.This is a by-gone era,” said deputy prosecutor Jean-Paul Lescat.After a British children’s rights charity lodged a complaint against France over its failure to ban corporal punishment with the European Committee of Social Rights, Paris responded by insisting the penal code, which prohibits the abuse of a minors, is adequate to defend the rights of children.The father admitted spanking the boy’s bottom, known in France simply as a “fessée”.In court he defended his actions, saying he was against the "current fashion" of parenting that stops adults from "correcting children".

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