Comcast cable box guide not updating

For an extra touch of hominess or customization, you can link your Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr accounts to the X1 to work as a screensaver as well.If you’re deciding between the X1 and another DVR, we’d direct you over to our “The Best DVRs for Cable TV and OTA” post.Pair it with your other streaming services if that’s still (somehow) not enough.XFINITY X1 records six simultaneous programs, whereas DISH and DIRECTV record sixteen and five programs, respectively.Even if you’re not interested recording, streaming, or all the other convenient features, the update to the interface alone is worth it.The channel guide is way more responsive than Comcast’s old menu system and cable box. The X1 has a lot of cool features built in, like sports stats, voice commands, and must-know info for your day-to-day life (weather, news, traffic, stocks, photos, voicemail, horoscopes, etc.).We’ll take you through the ups and downs of owning this box.

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Learn more about sun outages and how they may affect your service.To do this, unplug your receiver and wait at least 15 seconds before plugging it back in.Wait 30 more seconds, and then turn your receiver back on.In simpler terms: X1 is a set-top DVR that links your TV and internet into a universal, searchable platform for you to access entertainment.If you’re still using an old set-top box from XFINITY, it’s definitely time to upgrade.

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