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I also like to help people create things and do things. writing short stories for magazine editors Not rated yet I am 13 and can think up funny ideas and can stay up all night once a week (without the internet.i like would like to get a writing short stories for … I live in Dubai.i would like to get a job of making social media pages, doing homework for students …I want to be an interior designer, so decoratinng websites would be really cool and something fun to keep me bus in the mean time, i am out o school for the summer.Well i love organizing my room as well as finding out new ways to but the furniture.

5 new, crisp hundred-dollar bills – money that you earned by yourself in Would you feel pretty rich? And the best part is – these unique 13 year old jobs contained in this BRAND NEW e Book is guaranteed to make you lots of cash... Not bad money for a couple hours work after school. ** How to quickly make hundreds of dollars a month selling other people’s stuff Here’s how this jobs for 13 year olds works: other people give you their stuff.My name is evans steve,am a good 13years old kid.i would like to be paid for giving advice on social matters and educate the world on most dengerous diseases … I wan't to do job because I wan't to prove myself that i don't need some one in my life to fulfil my dream Not rated yet I don't like to depend on someone..i like to do my work by my own and always be focus on one direction and love to do dance,sing songs and love to make …Online Jobs are okay I just need a Job, like Facebook and alot of other Internet pages So my name is Muriwai Tukariri-Popata you can find me on Facebook: Muriwai Tukariri , im thirhteen years old at Massey high school Suburb West Auckland......… judging food, writing articles, setting up links, reading and revising articles, editing articles Not rated yet I would love to find a good job that I am passionate about. I would really like a job critiquing food or possibly …I am very familiar with multiple writing programs and am experienced in writing essays and other report …I'm very good at drawing, I can dance Zumba and hip hop, I can also write any articles and I can also sing and Not rated yet I would like something to do with dancing or making posters or drawing on canvases. But there is kind of a problem, I live in egypt so …

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