Blue collar guys dating

I have interest in still continuing further, traveling and improving in French.However, my then bf J (now ex bf but we do plan on getting back together; it's a complicated issue that's keeping us apart; something out of our control but won't go into details) never went to college and is still afraid of driving but he is a supervisor at a supermarket.But in order to "survive" or have decent income, I am part of my family business.It brings me a good income and allows me to have a good life here in southern California.Afterward, I will resume my first former major, which was psychology and finish the 2 remaining years.

It helps that we have similar personalities too; we are overall two happy, agreeable people who are flexible and respectful with one another.

I always think there is a fantasy world and there is reality world. How many people can even put food on the table for their families being a professional yet not world class swimmer? It may or may not work out in the long run, but I am used to certain life style and it is kind of hard to change to be completely honest.

Almost all my exes made six figure income, they were pretty much all white collar professionals, but I think my most relaxing exciting real relationship is with a construction worker. Maybe everybody deep down is just a scared little kid who is looking for stability. Maybe in time, you will have everything figured out.. I have a masters degree and my husband has a two year tech degree; he is blue collar and I am a professional. Neither of us come from affluent backgrounds; frankly you can say we both had humble beginnings, and that probably helps.

in fact, he pretty much told her to stop hanging out with me (and we were good friends too) if she wanted to stay together with him.

when i asked her about it once, she says that at work she is hard as nails and tough, and when she comes home, she just likes someone else to be in control.

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