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Several hearts will be broken and many gallons of tears will be shed.Despite that, you will still pursue the one, which often is not in your dreams.When you’re in a group of relative strangers, such as at a cocktail party, with multiple couples, and someone singles you out and asks with arched eyebrow, “So how did you two meet?” the implication is usually not one of pure curiosity, but incredulity.One of my friends said she and her husband got the question so frequently, often long before more traditional small talk—such as “How do you know the hosts? ”—that depending on the setting and her sense of humor that night, she might reply with a straight face: “Strip club.” They are both successful executives. She would of course always come clean, after everyone enjoyed an awkward chuckle.(They didn’t meet at a strip club, but through their jobs, like most Americans.)Having been together over a decade, the idea rankles her that they can still walk into a room and be viewed as an oddity, but a same-race couple on a first or second date are viewed as though they obviously fit together.We’ve come a long way as a country, but challenges for mixed-race couples remain.

Such stories seem a world away when you consider the ubiquity of mixed-race couples in popular culture today, including Kim and Kanye, Tiger and Lindsey, and of course the New York Mayor and First Lady.

Not to mention the fact the current president is the product of a mixed-race union.

Consider the fact that half a century ago, Sammy Davis Jr. Kennedy’s inaugural festivities due to his Swedish wife, May Britt.

Six year have passed and in addition to the several interracial dating sites on the internet these days, it is safe to conclude that the numbers will definitely take a giant leap when the next census comes up.

While many are outraged at the detainment of Django Unchained actress Daniele Watts, not all are shocked.

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